The lazy man’s guide to staying young and hard

Ever felt like your age is catching up with your dating life?

It’s one thing to be a testosterone-raging, twenty-something college student with endless free time to socialize, get wasted at parties, work out, and plan adventures.

But as soon as you hit your thirties, for most men things start to worsen.

Demanding jobs, poor nutrition, chronic lack of sleep, and a very sedentary lifestyle render males weak, nervous, and overall less powerful in the bedroom, resulting often in less confidence and relationship problems.

That’s why it’s paramount for a modern man to have a basic self-maintenance routine.

I’m not talking about adding even more stress by destroying yourself in the gym for hours every day, micro-scheduling every nutrient you absorb, or turning into a full-on self-development junkie who meditates for hours at a time.

What I’m referring to is to start incorporating a series of small daily habits that will, in the long-term, slow down aging and allow you to truly enjoy your peak masculine years as you deserve.

To learn what they are, go and watch my latest video.

In it, I and legendary seduction & masculinity master Zan Perrion break down the most vital tips to stay nimble in body and spirit and keep rocking in life and the bedroom for the rest of your life.

Click on the link below to watch it:


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