From college virgin to millionaire’s dating coach

I admit it.

I used to be extremely uncomfortable around women.

Even the less attractive ones…

In fact, up until my late teens, I hadn’t even touched a girl intimately, literally.

To be honest, I wasn’t really advantaged in the dating department.

Growing up in a strict, all-male boarding school. Stuck in a small town in rural Austria.

Many of my old friends now reach out in pure disbelief as I upload videos of approaching stunners in the street and partying on boats with exotic hotties.

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“You?! a seduction coach?! of all people”

But it’s not only possible. It’s also easily replicable for you.

In my last video, I break down my entire journey of becoming a natural in three core lessons.

This is the entire unfiltered story of what it takes to build abundance in this day and age.

From getting blind drunk at college after-parties in order to talk to girls.

To attend sketchy seminars ran by manipulative pick-up companies.

Then landing an internship at The Natural Lifestyles at age 22.

My first attempts at street approach.

My countless rejections and moments of crippling anxiety.

Crashing on friends’ couches for years to follow James and the team on crazy adventures around the world as a broke student.

To finally become the guy CEOs, famous millionaires, and hundreds of brave men hired to fix their dating lives.

I sum it all up in three steps you also can take to unlock your dream seductive results TODAY. Click on the link below to watch the full video:

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I’ve just launched a 100% free Discord community where I, my top students, and several ambitious guys like you all over the world interact daily to build masterpiece lifestyles.

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Want to take it to the next level and work with me, James, and the crew in person to get the highest seductive results possible in the shortest amount of time?

Then consider joining one of our upcoming live workshops.

Combining a heavily practical curriculum, where you get to put every concept of our highly successful training method into action by spending several hours every day approaching hot women in real life, with constant individualized feedback based on your unique goals and expectations, our programs are guaranteed to help you unlock years’ worth of progress in as little as four days.

To find out more about the best workshop for you, speak with our student success team by clicking on the link below:

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