Hot women start approaching you (the ultimate experiment)

Picture a world where the roles of seduction are reversed…

Hot women approaching you in the street, playfully flirting and doing their best to get you out on a date.

How would you react?


I turned this fantasy alternate reality into real life recently when filming the ultimate pick up challenge

In this first-of-a-kind social experiment, I, a professional dating coach and consummate seducer with decades of experience, challenge Valeria, a 23-year-old beauty, to an hour of daygame.

In the final episode of this funny and eye-opening series, we find out who has the best game – The veteran pick up artist or the first-timer hot model?

Check it out below:

Now the reality is, for better or worse, it’s your job as the man to make most if not all the moves to progress from stranger to lover.

No amount of social media clout, hours in the gym, or cash in your pocket will make up for an inability to boldly approach women you don’t know.

Seduction isn’t an optional hobby, it’s an integral survival skill.

As amazing as it would be to live in a world where women took the initiative, that’s not the reality we live in, so YOU need to be the one to develop the confidence and skills to make it happen.

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