I challenged a 23yo model at daygame (Experience Vs Beauty, the epic showdown)

When I often say that women are more emotionally intelligent and skilled at making social connections, many people think I’m exaggerating…

This is one of the reasons why I strongly encourage you to get not only female lovers, but also female friends.

Their feedback on dating dynamics and understanding of social cues is unparalleled.


Anyway, I’m not asking you to blindly trust me on this…You gotta see it for yourself.

Which is why I recently uploaded on YouTube the craziest dating experiment

in the history of TNL…

Calling one of my own young and beautiful female friends, 23yo model and force of nature – Valeria, and shooting the ultimate infield daygame challenge in Budapest:

My twenty years of seduction experience and mastery versus a first-timer girl with confidence and social skills who never approached in her life.

One hour to get as many dates as possible––may the best seducer win!

To find out the shockingly hilarious results of the experiment, watch part 1 of it below.

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