Heatwave → hot dates (+ July 2022 TNL Recap)

As cities get hotter and clothes thinner, hormones start raging.

It’s that time of the year again!

And with hordes of hot female tourists traveling around the globe and local beauties looking to get wild, your dating opportunities have never looked so good.

This is your reminder to get off those apps and start talking to girls. In real life.

If this sounds good, but you don’t know where to start or struggle to get past the initial chit-chat and convert your approaches into actual dates leading to sex, I have good news for you…

Dozens of our summer workshops(link) students have already transformed their seductive and social lives this past month, and YOU too can become our next success story.


If you’re looking to get mentored by me, Alex, Shae, and the rest of the TNL crew this summer to finally unlock the romantic results you deserve, join us on the following dates:

  • Aug 29th-Sep 2nd, for our 4-day Barcelona Intensive––2 spots left.
  • Sep 26th-Oct 2nd, in New York City, US, for our 7-day Residential––4 spots left.

After many requests, we have also added one more date in New York to guarantee coaching to as many brave men overseas as possible:

  • Oct 4th-Oct 8th, the 4-Day New York Intensive––6 spots left.

We expect the above to fill up very quickly. If serious to work with us, click and book a free introductory call with the training team below:

> Get hot dates this summer

In case you missed our latest content, here’s a recap of last month’s videos:

Alex Leòn has released an advanced, in-depth guide on how to develop one of the most effective seduction skills men largely ignore: connection. He’s so good at teaching it that one of his students literally made a girl he just approached involuntarily weep by bonding deeply (he also got her contact and set a date). Watch the full thing HERE

I also highly recommend you check Alex’s very moving and insightful ‘origin’ story video. From attending a conservative, all-male boarding school and never getting physical with a girl until college to traveling the world with me and throwing baller parties with models and micro-celebrities, the guy is an excellent example of pro-level lifestyle design. He breaks down the truth behind his fast progress HERE

Talking about humble beginnings…I’ve recently uploaded part 2 of my ‘self-roast’ series. In this one, you’ll see me tearing apart some more unreleased infields from my first year in the game (over a decade ago). Will young James Marshall succeed at charming two cute tourists in a park in Prague? Find out the answer HERE

Closing off with some wisdom from an interview I recently posted with my old friend and seduction legend Zan Perrion…

Ever wondered how to stay young in your body and spirit virtually forever, effectively slowing down aging and enjoying epic libido and energy well after your thirties? Zan has figured out ‘a process’, and he reveals it in his full enlightening interview below:

That’s all for today,

Time to cool off.

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