Why most relationships don’t work (how to fix it)

To settle or not to settle, that is the question.

Every man is faced sooner or later with the critical decision of focusing on one girl and attempting the relationship path or keep playing the field, travel solo, and meet new lovers.

In most cases, what often feels like the safest option, settling, is far from a comfortable and effortless task.

It’s one thing to hold hands and declare love and commitment…

…but to really make it work in the long term, you must know what you’re doing.

Research conducted in 2021 in Europe on people aged 25-35 shows that nearly 70% of new couples break up within six to twelve months.

Most guys are plain clueless about how to keep a girl interested and loyal for a long time.

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And while self-improvement strategies are nowadays widely encouraged to get more dates, the vast majority of men still approach relationships with a mainstream ‘just be yourself’ type of thinking that doesn’t work.

If you want to improve your chances at the long-term dating game, watch my latest video.

In it, our inner game and sexuality specialist, Shae Matthews, breaks down the most critical mistakes men make when interacting with their partners and how to keep the attraction going well beyond the initial spark phase. Link below:


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Whether you’re looking to enter a stable, healthy relationship with a gorgeous, loyal, and mature girlfriend or travel the world and have casual affairs with exotic beauties, it all begins with one key step

Knowing how to walk up to her and make it happen.

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