How To Touch Women Without Being Creepy

In dating as much as in life, words matter only to an extent.

It’s your actions that truly help you to get results in the long term.

Where am I going with this?

See, often with students, I notice how fear of talking to women is quite easy to overcome.

And so is the struggle to find interesting conversation topics, vibe with the girl, and successfully arrange a date with her.

Wanna guess when a large percentage of men statistically freeze in seduction?

When it’s time to close the deal and make a sexual move.

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On one side, some men are uncomfortable with this because it triggers their innate fear of rejection. Most women are social creatures and will gladly talk and even flirt with men they’re not attracted to. By introducing touch and trying to escalate on her, you’ll immediately realize her true intent.

For the most part, however, lots of guys just don’t know how to sexualize things with women.

Sure, they might have some experience in drunk hookups at college parties or by luckily sleeping with a female friend in their social circle after years of knowing each other.

But they’re clueless on how to be direct and move things forward on dates with new girls without creeping them out.

If you too struggle to ‘turn on the heat’ and don’t know how to smoothly transition things from social to sexual, I’ve got good news for you…

You don’t need to go from 0 to 100 with this.

Mastering touch and physical escalation is a process learned in small increments. You can start by practicing with something as simple as a hug and progressively transition to more daring moves.

To learn more on this topic and discover how we personally train our students on workshops in the nuanced art of smooth physical escalation, watch my latest video linked below:

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