No B.S guide to flirting (field-tested)

This might trigger some, so apologies if you get offended.

See, I’ve worked with thousands of clients in the past decade, and here’s the truth

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Most men are very bad at flirting.

It’s one of the main reasons why so many guys struggle to meet women and go on dates consistently.

Up to a certain point, they do everything right.

They approach her smoothly, quickly get into a conversation and build connection.

But when it comes to spicing things up and creating sexual tension, they are clueless and often very awkward.

Either making uncalibrated witty remarks that turn her off or even upset her or just playing it too safe, so they get buried into the friend zone.

That’s because flirting is not like any other ‘technical’ dating skill.

It’s an attitude––a calibrated expression of an honest desire.

You can’t fake it or force it by memorizing some lines or endlessly teasing the girl in the hopes of getting her attracted.

It has to start with you.


You’re not approaching hot women to make friends (unless you want to!)

If you’re interested in her romantically and sexually, don’t make fun of her like one of her annoying coworkers. Don’t ask her predictable questions, like a dorky uncle. Allow a cheeky smile to radiate from within, look at her like you want to devour her, and let her know, through touch, insinuation and intent why you’re really there.

Curious to learn how to truly flirt like a pro and seduce beautiful women without unnecessary b.s.?

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Link below:


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