F*ck you, I won’t do what you tell me

So many men are unsatisfied with their lives.

Yet, do nothing to very little about it, except complain.

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As if by just complaining and continuously enduring a stressful and unexciting routine, others are going to pity you and finally help you turn your life around.

Let me break it to you.

No one is coming for you.

No divinities, no friends, and not even your family.

If you’re not actually happy with how things are going and where your life is heading, you have to step up and make the difference.


It’s about first taking ownership of all the time and opportunities wasted.

And promise to yourself that from now you’ll only pursue what truly adds value and happiness to your destiny.

Even if people close to you don’t approve of it, you have to do what’s right for you

The longer you keep missing out on epic opportunities and adventures only to avoid pissing off your parents or getting judged by your social circle, the more miserable you’ll feel.

If you feel ready to finally live by your rules, watch the video below. I’ll take it from there 😉


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