How to turn fear into confidence

Opportunities lie on the other side of fear.

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Let that sink in.

One of my main challenges as a dating & relationship coach is making men comfortable and motivated by the idea of talking to hot women.

It sounds paradoxical, but many of the guys who pay me hefty fees to help them become better with girls often freeze and come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid meeting hot ladies in the first place.

On one side, they rationally want a better dating life. On the other, they deliberately waste good opportunities and sabotage the progress they long for.


Most pick up gurus out there quickly dismiss this as ‘approach anxiety’, a physiological fight-or-fly response triggered by trying to operate outside your comfort zone.


But the truth is that many social and dating dysfunctions can also be caused by something much more complex…

Your unprocessed emotional traumas and inner pain.

Negative or awkward experiences with girls during childhood and high school, for example, can come to haunt you in your thirties by manifesting as feeling not enough to go and talk to the hottie that just smirked at you in a bar.

Very conservative and antiquated beliefs you might have been exposed to during your adolescent years might trigger a fear and guilt response when trying to get sexual and projecting your desire onto women.

The list goes on and on.

If you want to learn three very effective ways to detect and heal your emotional wounds and annihilate irrational fears and triggers in your dating and life, watch my latest video linked below:


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