Do you trust girls on this?

Far too many guys underestimate the importance of women’s advice.

Eventually, our goal as heterosexual males wanting to get better at seduction is to get more, hotter, and interesting girls in our lives.

Yet, many of us deliberately refuse to acknowledge or listen to girls’ feedback.

That’s because of a biased and delusional view of the dating process compared to some kind of “great hunt” where girls––the preys––understandably will not reveal men––the hunters––the best ways to get caught.

Good luck improving your seductive results with that mindset…

As I’ve said many times before, the truest demonstration of dating skills is having women proactively trying to seduce you

And that won’t happen if you approach them in a confrontational ‘me vs you’ kind of way.

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Women want the same things we want: fun, good emotions, and epic sex.

So there’s no point in competing with them…Collaboration is the answer!

For many years, we at TNL have recognized the immense value and learnings men can tap into by having honest, constructive conversations with girls.

That’s why we collaborate with female coaches on most live workshops and often interview them to get the most accurate insights into female psychology, sexuality, and dating dynamics.

If you want to understand how to properly ask women for dating advice and get honest actionable feedback from them, watch my latest video. In it, you’ll see me interviewing several different ladies on core subjects like sex, what turns them on in guys, and, most importantly, how to properly escalate without resistance.

Click on the link below to watch it:

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