How To Get A Perfect Girlfriend (No money needed)

Men look for love in the wrong places.

Just because a girl is fun and sexy with you, it’s no guarantee that she will make a good girlfriend.

Knowing how to find and select women for long-term relationships is a very different, but equally as important, skill than cold-approach seduction.

Many girls are far too immature, narcissistic, and selfish to make good long-term partners––being around them for too long will eventually make your life worse than it currently is.

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The ideal type of woman you should be proactively screening for is what call ‘a giver’.

Someone who is willing and capable of sharing and devoting herself to you in a selfless way.

Ultimately, the true “girlfriend material” type of girls are those who can genuinely accept you for who you are without judgment or the need to control you and possess you.

If this sounds like less than five percent of all the women you’ve ever dated, don’t worry…

In our latest video, our Inner Game and relationship wizard, Shae Matthews, dives deep into the complexities and emotional alchemy of successful relationships. Watch it to get access to practical blueprints and tips to stop settling for incompatible and unsupportive women and finally start attracting true keepers in your life.

Click on the link below to watch it:

P.S. An exciting and satisfying sex life is one of the most important keystones of any successful relationship.

Unfortunately, most guys are only capable of classic ‘vanilla’ lovemaking, always using the same three positions and lasting the same amount of time in bed, on average.

Over the long term, this is a classic recipe for disaster as both people in the couple will get bored of having sex and start doing it less and less, leading to mutual frustration.

That is…unless you are a living Sex God.

See, over the past 15 years, I’ve been developing a comprehensive methodology and training to take regular guys and transform them into the best lovers any woman could wish for: the S*x God Masterclass.

Joined by some of the world’s best and most in-demand experts in Tantra, BDSM, meditation, roleplay, masculine enhancement, and more, the SGM is a 7-intensive apprenticeship in the full-spectrum of sexual abilities. From connection-based fantasies to experience strong feelings of love and togetherness, to ‘darker’ aspects of sexuality like punishment and pain/pleasure roleplay, this ‘hands-on’ masterclass is guaranteed to give you the tools to enjoy and gift others the best sex of your lives.

The SGM 2021 will be running from October 24-October 30 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and there is only one spot left to join. If serious about mastering this fundamental yet confusing area of any man’s life permanently, click on the link below to speak with the enrollment team:

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