Do girls only like high-status guys? (Social Pyramid Explained)

Did you ever ask yourself:
Do girls prefer high-status man?

In Short: Yes. The simple answer is – women are attracted to high status men.

But what exactly makes high status?
Fast car?
Job Title?

Not exactly…. those are external markers of status. Real status comes from people following you, looking up to you, working with you.

The formula is this: have you proved yourself as a man through
– discipline


And have you earned RESPECT from other men through:
-providing value
-connecting people

In my latest video you’ll learn the 7 Levels of Social Dominance

Most men make it to level 2, and give up.

Switch off.

If you’re reading this, you want to be at least a level 3 or 4.

Women don’t really respect men who are not at level 4, and beautiful, intelligent women will only date level 5 men.
Watch the video to learn where you’re at, and what you can focus on to move up.


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