4 masculine values of a STRONG tribe

Think about it,
we live in a world that tells us everyone should be equal. In the eyes of the law? Of course, thats what our legal system is about – right to a fair trail.

But what if in some areas its GOOD to not be equal…
Male tribes SHOULD be exclusive – in this context,
exclusive means



Not about race
Not about religion
Not about ethnicity

But about

STRENGTH – are you disciplined?
COURAGE – are you ready to take risks?
MASTERY – are you at least trying to master some skill?
HONOR – are you trustworthy?

imageI was heavily inspired by the 4 masculine values Jack Donovan shared in his book “The Way Of Men”.

He studied street gangs, soldiers, ancient tribes, sports teams, to find common themes.

He’s a pretty interesting guy. Conservative Pagan Gun nut Bodybuilder… who lives with his husband for last 17 years.

Ask yourself – do you follow the Way Of Men?
Do your friends?

Who are the five guys YOU spend most time around right now?
(Yes, this includes your work mates if you spend more than 20 hours a week with them)
Are they pushing you towards your goals?

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