My secret to make any girl happy in bed…

It’s truly fascinating how we all seek limitless growth and progress…

But often can’t get past the biggest success blocker of all: our ego.

This is true in career, seduction, and even more so in another aspect of men’s lives that it’s surrounded by so much pride and assumptions that rarely gets discussed:

Their sex life.

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I’ve witnessed it with countless of my clients, friends, and even some of the best naturals I’ve met during the years.

The general expectation is that guys should know instinctively how to be good in bed––it’s “not that hard” in the end…

Until you ask women…

And you understand that we’re vastly overestimating the magnitude of our sexual abilities.

A prime example of this is integrating toys into the bedroom…

Far too many men still view these as a taboo, embarrassing to use, a way to compensate for poor size or lack of manhood…when in reality…

Girls love experimenting with toys and love men who know how to use them.

I’ve been experimenting with sex toys and techniques of all types in the bedroom for nearly a decade. I’ve discussed all of it with countless women and gradually mastered mixing them into a broad sexual proficiency.

If you are curious to learn what the best toys are, where to buy them without spending a fortune, and how to integrate them with your lovers to unleash peak pleasure, check out my latest video.

In it, I also show you how to use each toy via a real-time, explicit demonstration with my female assistant. Watch it below before YouTube takes it down


P.S. Ladies LOVE toys, but they are only a fraction of the greater skillset men need to master in order to truly become legendary in bed…

The above video is just a sneak peek (part 1 of 118) into a much larger project I’ve been working on in secret for the past five years…

The Master Lover Method.

Coming to you in early 2023, this is by far the most ambitious, in-depth program I’ve ever put together: a comprehensive, 5-week exploration into real sexual mastery.

We’ll cover it all, from the basics of escalation and anatomy, turning her on so that she begs for sex, role play and dominance, restraints and BDSM, Tantric techniques to strengthen libido and deepen intimacy, through to multi-orgasms, thre3somes, squ!rting, an*l, using toys, fantasy creation and embodiment techniques to last for hours…literally everything you need to become the best she’s ever had.

All demonstrated explicitly on camera with sexy female models, as I break down all key techniques in clinical detail, creating a huge toolkit for you to play with.

I’ll be dropping more juicy morsels from the course soon and stay tuned for the launch early next year;)

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