Be A Man: Act Weak.

A wise man once said:

“Appear strong when you’re weak, and weak when you’re strong”.

Sun Tzu’s practical philosophy has shaped the mindset of entire generations of men seeking victory in a vast array of battlegrounds.

But there is one unique kind of battle that cannot be won by deceiving the enemy with cunning tactics…

The war with the Self.

If you try to fix important inner issues such as lack of confidence, social anxiety, or chronic fear of abandonment by acting tough, you’ll lose.


Because successful inner work is primarily about recognizing that there is nothing noble or manly in wasting chunks of your life burdened by emotional pain & trauma.

In fact, it takes real courage to realize that you’ve been living in reaction to some past events that happened to you one or more decades ago.

Or to accept that emotional wounds some nasty people inflicted on you haven’t been resolved yet.


But that’s how this specific type of conflict is won: by showing up and facing the enemy.

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P.SFighting an army in a misty field is not recommended, you will fall into traps.

That is a good analogy to represent what most men who attempt the inner path face…Debris, chaos, fog.

It’s hard to understand anything at all in there, let alone solve the biggest struggle in your life.

But that’s not an impossible task if you got a map. Get yours through my most popular home study course which equips you to survey and balance your inner world HERE.

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