The Art & Practice Of Masculinity

Recently I’ve been wondering..Why is it that some guys come across as masculine and sexy while others struggle to be seen as attractive no matter what?

It is as if some men have an X-factor that gets girls attracted to them on the spot.

You’ve seen it too before…

Take famous actors like Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

Very different looking, but they both nail the 007 part; what do they share in common?


They exude pure masculinity.

They don’t need to speak or act cool to prove themselves worthy, they know a woman is winning by spending time with them.

As a dating coach, I often come across guys who interact with women in very nice-guy, soft kinds of ways who need to be taught how to be more masculine in their demeanor…

Ball Nuts GIF by DrSquatchSoapCo

To their surprise, the way I approach this initially is through meditation.

That’s because true masculinity is obtained only by re-arranging a number of inner factors. It is not a matter of just toughening up, but mainly enhancing your awareness in key character areas such as love, compassion, conflict resolution, and more.

If you want to learn more about how to develop a healthy masculine mindset, check my latest video.

In it, joined by our executive coach Shae Matthews, I dive deep into the unexplored world of Masculine Archetypes, and how to re-integrate them into your persona. Link below to watch it.


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