22 Inner game lessons for a better life

Top lessons that I’ve learned over my years in relationships as well as in my development

I was having a think about the top lessons that I’ve learned over my years in relationships as well as in my development, After sitting down and having a chat with Liam Mcrea and thinking about all the work I’ve done in the naturals with James Marshall over the years I decided to write out the top lessons for life that For the principles for a better relationship with yourself and others.

Im interested to hear which ones you like the most and if you have any others that you think should make the list.



A spiritual warriors cheat sheet


22 Lessons to live by

1. Realize that the source of all love, happiness and abundance exists within yourself

There is no other person or thing that can give you what you truly seek outside yourself. When you realize and embody this you will enter the flow as an independent yet simultaneously connected individual. When we let go of needing to fulfill ourselves through the external we free ourselves to truly be powerful and make choices that are in our best interests.

2. Work on your purpose on a daily basis even if you dont know what it is (seek it) and know that your self and all that is reflected back to it from the world of circumstance is like a garden that needs to be tended and nurtured constantly

The seeds you plant today with thought word and deed will be the world you wake up in tomorrow. When you are at one with your purpose you will be able to navigate the ocean of life with greater ease grace and synchronicity.

3. Never take your power for granted you are the creator of the meaning in your life

Learn to stand between the opposites of life and hold the paradox. Be aware that your desires, feelings and conditions only a small and transient aspect of the possibilities that exist in life and the opposite of them is just as real and powerful if you need to tune into them and bring them into being as well.

4. Grow from your challenges rather than resist and resent them

When you allow yourself to really step into a challenge you will find things out about yourself that you never knew, You will grow learn and evolve as a result. Resisting challenge only prolongs the suffering accepting it allows you to move through it with greater ease and grace.

5. Be wary of putting yourself into a box of limited being and always question what truly serves you

Learn to say no to energies, thoughts, feelings and people that are not good for you and your evolution and be clear on your boundaries of what’s ok and not ok for you.

6. Develop yourself worth and let go of guilt shame and fear

Drop any attachments to the past or the future that have negative emotions attached to them and know that as you let go and forgive yourself and others, you will always be rewarded with a greater sense of peace, love and appreciation for life as it is rather than what you wished it was. This will make you stronger, clearer and wiser in the process.

Drop any attachments to the past or the future that have negative emotions attached to them and know that as you let go and forgive yourself and others, you will always be rewarded with a greater sense of peace, love and appreciation for life as it is rather than what you wished it was. This will make you stronger, clearer and wiser in the process.


7. Have gratitude, love and appreciation for what you have even if it’s just this breath and be open to the greater potential of receiving that which you truly desire in your heart

Understand that you are the door keeper that rejects or accepts things coming into your life and gratitude is the magnet to attract that which you desire in your heart.

8. Be open to receiving, understanding and creating new distinctions in your view of the world

A closed mind is the beginning of suffering. Learning to grasp more complex understandings free’s you from the chains of ignorance and allows you to make better choices that are in alignment with what actually is. There are no black and whites in the world nor shades of grey. There is every color, combination and variation you can imagine.

9. Don’t be afraid of the ocean of chaos that is life, it is you

Even though at times the calling to be more than we have ever been before can seem overwhelming at times consciously engaging and working through it with skill and strategy is the path to true self actualisation. To repress or reject the chaos of life only means that you will have to learn the lessons unconsciously and in a way that is destructive to yourself and others.

10. Don’t let society, other people, culture or religion take over your own values but respect and have empathy and compassion for the value of others

When we allow others values to supersede and subsume our own we become deeply conflicted, stressed and destructive to ourselves and others. Instead make the wiser choice, Work out what’s important to you in your heart and live it with committed resolve. When you are on your path of true will destiny will open before you and nothing can stand in your way. If it does and it succeeds it was not your destiny anyway.

11. Connect to the source of your power on a regular basis

Your being is always connected to infinite intelligence, love and abundance, with an open heart and a desire to be connected with your source you will always have the love and polarity of the divine masculine and feminine within you on tap. Learn to be still, watch and listen as an impersonal witness and let your higher connection and knowing come into being effortlessly.

12. Say yes to experiences that challenge you and make you grow even if past conditioning tells you to close off and push them away

At the same time know when something is not for you and don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s not right.

13. Above all else be true to yourself and your needs and never forget that you are the centre of the world as far as your concerned

Paradoxically understand that everyone else is a centre as well and respect and support them to fulfil the needs and themselves as long as does not harm others unnecessarily or intentionally.


14. Trust in the abundance of life to provide you with your needs and fulfil your desires but don’t forget to do your bit in creating alignment with them as best as you can

Think of what you wish for regularly and feel good about it then let go, trust and take appropriate action. Learn to clear your own path by letting go of limiting beliefs, knowing your values and setting goals and intensions on a regular basis.


15. Aim for efficiency and let go of ways of thinking, feeling and acting that cost you time and effort

The one thing you have a limited resource of is time, never forget it and aim to be a master of your time. By setting up systems and strategies that help you get more out of what you do and help you get to where you need to be easier and faster. A sub lesson of this is to be aware of time and energy traps that exist in the world and do your best to free yourself from them. Society is full of these traps that want you to buy into all kinds of schemes and scams learn to avoid time intensive processes, avoid time wasting and don’t buy into anything big before you have thought about it’s consequences and the sacrifices that it way bring in the long run.


16. Love your shadow and realise that your down times are equally valid, important and powerful to your evolution, growth and wholeness as a human

Your shadow is your ally in disguise, Your best friend that holds a mirror to your flaws with the intention of helping grow and be more of what you truly are.


17. Let go of shadows that aren’t yours. It is a normal part of life that we share and exchange energies and information with others and the world around us

Be aware of energies and information that does not serve you and detach from them. Intent and send shadows that do not belong to you back to the source and abstain from negative sources of information that invade your thought and feeling space. This means turning off the TV, choosing your internet info wisely and not reading the papers if and when the information that they are presenting is not of highest intentions.


18. Don’t take things personally

In the final analysis most of the things that worry us and seem to create negativity are insignificant in the greater context if life. Ask yourself will you really care about this on your death bed? And in the light of all the things that are really important, the love you have from people around you, your life, your health, and your very miraculous existence does it really matter? 9 times out of 10 it will be a no and if so take a deep breath say fuck it and let it go back to the source. Holding onto negative thoughts and feelings only ends up poisoning yourself anyway.


19. Abstain from negativity, judgment, fear and criticism as much as possible

It only fosters separation negative ego and drops your energy to a lower state of potential.


20. Look after yourself and learn to truly love yourself like a perfect parent would bring up a child

We are all still children that need strong parents in this journey of life and as such we need allot of love, support, nurturing and most of all allot of fun, creativity and play. Eat well, sleep well, love allot and do things you love and make you happy on a regular basis. Be the source of your own happiness.


21. Take responsability and speak for yourself only

Be aware of the tendency to generalise, delete and distort the world around you and think that if it’s true for you it’s true for others as well. Catch yourself out at every opportunity and realise that there are no real limits to the life you create except the rules you put on life and it’s self.

22. Forgive the challenging past and let go of your fears. The attachment to the hurtful past and the fears that live within it are the very things that will recreate that which you feared in the first place

When you take the lessons from your experiences the fear based emotions will fall away and you will be left with gold nuggets of loving wisdom you can keep forever.


If you are interested in finding out more about how to actually embody these lessons and other lessons get in contact with me. I’de love to hear from you.

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