6 ways to spank your woman (& why ladies loves it)

If you’re not spanking your woman in bed, you’re really missing out…

And so is she.

Virtually every lady I’ve ever slept with and intimately talked to loved the idea of spanking.

Because it’s such an immediate and practical way to spice things up in bed, introducing elements of sensual dominance that are proven to make her go wild.

Now, before you go on and start slapping her buttocks like there’s no tomorrow, I strongly recommend you watch my last video below. Most men don’t know how to loosen their form and use correct technique, resulting in wooden slaps that bruise and don’t have the “psychological impact” you’re aiming for.

This video is an introductory guide to the 6 styles of spanking that most women love, and I demonstrate each of them with a group of foxy models so you can fully understand the technique and safely replicate it with your lovers

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