3 Tips To Do Doggy Like A P*rn Star (+ Student Success Story)

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And now…Doggy style

Few positions are loved in bed by men and women unanimously more than the classic doggy style.

It’s a perfect mixture of naughty and sensual that checks all the boxes for great sex.

For women, it’s one of the best positions to stimulate their g-spots, penetrate them deeply, and make them feel naughty & animalistic.

For guys, it provides very sexy visual stimuli and overall simply feels amazing.

However, even the best position can quickly turn boring if you always do it the same way without spicing it up or introducing elements of physical & mental variety.

That’s what I cover at length in my latest video, where I demonstrate with a hot model in real-time advanced tips & position variations to go from average doggy to truly rocking her world from behind.

Check it out below:

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