Should you bite her in bed? Her naughtiest kinks revealed

Many women love rough sex.

They get off the physical sensations and mental stimulation of dominance it provides and can often handle a lot more than you think.

That’s why every elite lover should also know advanced techniques like spanking, flogging, choking, and even biting.

Skills that I teach, among many others, at great length in my 100-hour bedroom mastery program, the Master Lover Method now open for enrollments until March 12th, 2023.

However, you should be constantly monitoring and adapting to her reactions.

Because with the more ‘extreme’ physical acts, you are balancing on a fine thread between sexy and uncomfortable.

Especially with something like biting, which when done wrongly can easily turn her off.

And this is exactly what I cover and demonstrate in my latest video: how to sensually bite a woman and adjust based on her reactions so that she goes even wilder with you in bed. Check it out below:

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