Ugly guy f*cks supermodels – how? (Case Study)

Sometimes is the guy you laugh about that gets all the hotties.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Take Pete Davidson…


Two years ago, no one would have suspected the Saturday Night Live comedian to be a pro at picking up girls.

At first sight, the man doesn’t fit the stereotype of a high-value masculine type.

Skinny, pale, with a cringy sense of fashion and the eye bags of someone who hasn’t slept in years.

Yet, Pete has bedded some of the hottest, most powerful women on the planet.

Singer Ariana Grande, billionaire socialite Kim Kardashian, and recently we got to know he’s now dating superstar model Emily Ratajkowski.

At this point, it’s obviously not all a coincidence…

The man knows the game and is playing his cards in a truly savvy, admirable way.

Alex, I hope this serves as proof that anyone with the right mindset and skillset can succeed at dating.

Looks, money, social status…

These things matter to a much lesser extent than you think.

To find out what really gets women intrigued, watch my in-depth analysis of Pete Davidson’s game below.

In it, I reveal the four core qualities any guy should master to effortlessly date the women of his dreams––even the Emily Ratajkowski stunners out there.

P.S. The fastest way to acquire qualities that women are attracted to is to spend time with men who strongly embody those traits.

That’s how I did it five years ago as a socially awkward boy from rural Austria, and today I’m living my dream life!

Traveling the world with my Russian model girlfriend and her friends, consistently getting girls who I always thought were out of my league hitting on me first.

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