4 girls in 30 minutes (minimalist dating method)

There is nothing like daygame.

Of all the colorful and various ways a guy can meet women and get regular dates, nothing beats daytime cold-approaching when it comes to fast results and personal growth.

Compare it to crowded dating apps, and you have a way to instantly meet attractive girls without having them swipe first on you.

And in contrast to VIP nightclubs or bars, the hottest women are not hidden behind velvet ropes and hordes of high-value dudes, but right in front of you ready to be approached.

It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s extremely effective.

Yet, I often see guys complaining that they don’t have time for it…

As if you should dedicate hours upon hours every day to approaching girls.

Truth is that daygame is a lot less about having allocated 4-hour sessions of meeting women––which are very useful in a coaching setting but unsustainable in the long run––and more about making the best out of every good opportunity that comes your way.

Like exchanging eye contact with a cute girl on your way to the office, or spotting a hot brunette during your lunch break.

If you want a living proof of this minimalistic, time-efficient, approach to meeting women, check my latest value-packed infield video.

In it, you’ll see me approaching, getting numbers, and arranging dates with 4 different women, within a little more than 30 minutes spent in the streets.

Click on the link below to watch it:

P.SWant to take your daygame skillset to the next level?

In two weeks, I’ll be hosting a 7-day residential program in Kiev, Ukraine, where I’ll be coaching a select group of men on how to become incredible with girls and build the seductive lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

Dates are July 11th-July 18th, 2021, and you get over 60 hours of personalised training including both theory lectures, practice with hot female models, and dozens of hours of infield daygame coaching with me and the entire TNL team.

If this is something you might be interested in joining, click here to speak with my team.

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