How to get instant confidence ( nervous system hacking)

Your sense of confidence is connected to your relationships with people.

If you struggle to interact and not having your needs met socially, you will feel weak and insecure.

And once your ego registers this vulnerable state, it will actively work to protect you from experiencing it ever again.

As a result, lots of men have serious blind spots in the way they operate around others and ultimately in their dating life as well.

This is the reason why toughening up or accumulating trophies (e.g., women, finances, cars) will never really solve deeper self-esteem issues or help you attract more high-quality partners…

Feeling confident is a process of accepting, not replacing.

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The first step to getting rid of the aforementioned egoistic fight-or-flight type of response is to get comfortable with being put in a vulnerable state.

And luckily for you, there are tons of ways to do so.

One of the most effective and rapid ones is what I call “physically hacking your nervous system”.

If you want to learn how that works, as well as learning other methods to instantly ignite your self-confidence, check my latest video.

Link below:


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