How to be a Man (a lifetime in the making)

You can’t fake being a Man.

You can sleep with dozens of women, forge the most impressive physique through grueling training, and achieve great financial success…

But still feel insecure and experience major agitation around others, and especially girls.

That’s because the pursuit and collecting of masculine trophies is just a form of egoistic anesthesia.

When you get one, you’re temporarily relieved from your inner pain and poor self-esteem––until you’re back…

After mentoring tens of thousands of guys over the past fifteen years as a world-famous dating coach, I realized that most men struggle to experience true masculine success because they simply have no clue what masculinity is about.

Can you blame them?

Historically, most tribes reserved special attention to initiating young boys into strong, mature males. With support, multiple family and tribal males nurturing and testing them.

One’s identity, confidence, and sense of manhood were quickly developed as a result of facing daily challenges and threats and embarking on adventurous quests.

But in our hyper-safe, soft and tribeless society, much of that has been lost, and so has the collective sense of manhood.

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Things are about to change…

In my latest video, I detail perhaps the most important piece of my legacy: the masculinity manifesto – through my Natural Warrior Training.

This is an extensive video guide detailing all the most effective, proven steps, tools, and strategies you should implement in your life right now to break societal barriers and reach your peak as a seductive Man.

Click on the link below to watch it:

P.SWant to take things even further?

Our Natural Warrior Training program is the world’s first and most-encompassing 8-day workshop that offers you a modern initiation into manhood while developing your core archetypal masculine qualities.

Through intense study and practice with several world-class masters, you’ll deeply explore both your physical, spiritual and mental dimensions while building strength, grace, and suppleness in each one.

This will ignite your dormant sense of masculinity like nothing before, producing a rapid surge in your self-esteem, sense of purpose, and seductive opportunities as a result.

You’ll join a brotherhood of sincere and supportive seekers, that have your back.

To learn more about NWT, click HERE

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