Why women test you (don’t be scared)

Nothing confuses men like testing.

Over and over, I’ve witnessed brave clients getting petrified or extremely reactive whenever a hot girl started questioning them in a challenging way.

It’s the ultimate proof of self-confidence and something only a handful of guys are naturally good at dealing with.

The good news is that you can become extremely proficient at handling women’s tests in a matter of minutes by making a simple mindset shift.

I invite you to reflect on the following…

Why do women test us in the first place?

Is it because they enjoy putting guys down and turning them into needy, unattractive beta-males…

…Or is it for a very different reason?

See, we can all agree that there are some very annoying and disrespectful girls (and men) out there, but whenever you’re being tested, always remember this:

It’s a great sign! Keep going!

Let me repeat. A woman qualifying you is often a strong indicator of interest because it means that she’s attracted enough that she wants to meet the real you.

That’s all a sh!t test is: a proof of congruence exacted in a flirty, challenging way.

To learn more about tests & how to deal with them, watch my latest video. Link below:

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