The #1 Hollywood dating lie (wish I knew this 20 years ago…)

The funny thing about how society educates men about the dating process is that often it teaches the exact opposite of what actually works…

Take the number one thing most guys struggle with: approaching strangers.

Decades of Hollywood romantic comedies and soapy series have built incredible expectations around talking to women for the first time.

“It has to feel magical”.

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That’s the widespread belief that in order to pick up girls, one must impress them with witty, extremely smooth, carefully assembled lines.

Or even better, to wait and try meeting women in a “struck by destiny” fashion, bumping into them randomly at parties, or getting in a conversation at the park because your dog likes her dog.

Here’s the truth…

Out of all the valuable, mind-altering lessons I’ve accumulated in over twenty years as one of the world’s leading dating experts, nothing beats understanding that you don’t actually need to say or do cool things to get girls.

Because the entire science of natural seduction is built on that single assumption.

To learn more on how to make a strong, lasting first impact on girls, watch my latest video by clicking on the link below:

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