Why Women Disrespect Men – Avoid THIS Mistake!

Without boundaries, no relationship is ever going to last.

This is not to say that in order to make things work with women or even friends, you need to turn into some strict commander type that always expects others to do what he says.

But if you don’t ever define what is acceptable and what’s not, people will often inadvertently hurt you, or worse, take advantage of you.

That is a hard-learned lesson that you can most definitely spare yourself, as long as you follow two core rules:

First, always set boundaries as early as possible in the relationship.

If you’re not okay with your girl talking to other men on Instagram, for example, express it to her as soon as you start dating.

The more you wait and passively sit on something, the less prone to accept your requests others will be.

Second, if they violate your agreement, you need to cut them out.

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That’s is the hardest part. Not because you must enter some power play to win their respect back again but simply because you need to make things right with the toughest negotiator in your life––yourself.

Breaking boundaries means deliberately damaging something all relationships are built upon: trust.

To learn more about how to correctly set uncrossable lines in friendships and dating and build strong trust and respect without being rude or authoritarian, watch my latest video linked below:

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