The #1 Post-Breakup Mistake Men Make

Cutting things off with someone you shared years of your life with is hard…

Getting back on your feet and starting a new seduction journey is harder.

After working with hundreds of TNL clients who recently broke up with long-term girlfriends and even ex-wives, I’ve noticed that most guys are clueless on how to behave when single.

Incapable of meeting new partners and keep enjoying good sex and connection, lots of men turn to involuntary, passive celibacy for months (or even years!), hopelessly waiting for a new girl to appear in their lives.

And of course, as soon as they find one, they immediately enter a new relationship to ‘secure’ themselves a few more years of mediocre romance.

That’s if they don’t get back with their ex right away to avoid all the trouble.

Truth is that no one likes to break up, but learning how to be single and enjoy it is probably one of the most crucial turning points in every man’s life.

If you want to hear my best post-breakup advice and discover my #1 method to successfully kick-start your dating journey after years in a long-term relationship, check the video linked below:

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