Why NoFap is dangerous for your Sex Life


Know what’s the most effective way to last as long as you want and have total control over your performance in bed?

It’s certainly not by being overly strict or obsessive about it.

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In recent years, we’ve seen several schools of thought centered around male sexual empowerment rising to prominence.

From classic Taoist “semen retention”, to the modern NoFap movement, all the way to extremist groups preaching prolonged periods of total abstinence (even from intercourse).

What once started as a practical solution to the common problem of having low libido and bedroom stamina, has now evolved into something else entirely.

Leading men to accumulate shame and fanatical behaviors around their masturbation habits and, by extension, their sex lives.

This not only makes sex unnecessarily stressful and ultimately a lot less enjoyable but, when taken to extremes, also poses considerable risks to your sexual health.

Especially if you hit the dreaded flatline where your libido ceases to exist and sometimes never recovers.

To discover a more effective solution to boost your desire and sexual energy without the suffering of NoFap, watch my latest video. In it, I interview Dr.Saida Desilets, a world-class Ph.D. psychologist, and sexologist on how to turn masturbation into training to be amazing in bed.

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