Secret Female Fantasies – How To Make Her BEG For It

Are most women you get in bed with as wild and naughty as you want them to be?

Or are they a little too quiet and not open-minded enough for your tastes?

Be honest with yourself…

One thing I’ve learned from my twenty years of obsession with seduction, sleeping with hundreds of ladies, is that girls will behave very differently during sex depending on who she’s with.

I’ve met far too many chicks who never got to be their most submissive, slutt*est selves, even in long relationships with men they were very attracted to and in love with.

Yet they did with me, a stranger, often on the first night.

Sexy Margot Robbie GIF by Saturday Night Live

If this sounds triggering, it’s not by judging them that you’re going to make sense of it…

Because ANY woman, including your girlfriend, your ex, and your innocent-looking coworker ‘who would never do crazy things in bed’ will, under the right circumstances, turn into a horny nympho begging for more.

And she should! Because it feels very sexy and rewarding for her.

I cover this and other hidden truths on female pleasure in my latest video, where I interview a very open-minded young woman on how to become the elite lover she wants.

Watch it below:

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