Why men fail at dates (try this instead)

Setting dates with girls is NOT the goal.

Taking things as far as you can after you approached her should be your #1 priority.

Sometimes, you’re both too busy to keep talking, and all you can do is exchange contacts and invite her out for a coffee or cocktail date in the following days.

On tons of occasions, however, you can make things happen right away if you’re bold and socially skilled enough to move the interaction forward.

The ‘instant dating’

In short, you skip the canonical ‘give me your number and let’s meet soon’ part and instead take her on a quick date on the spot.

But why would you do this?

First, because waiting kills attraction.

A short conversation on the street, no matter how good you are, will keep her thinking about you only for so long; that’s often why many women flake. Spending more time together often improves your chances of building seductive tension and a powerful connection with the girl.

Second, it eliminates the need for a classic first date.

By focusing on the usual ‘getting to know each other’ conversation right away, your next date will be much more relaxed, fun, and often leads more quickly to the bedroom. After all, if she already knows you, trusts you, and wants to see you again, chances are she likes you and is ready for more.

In fact, it’s not even unusual for some of our students to approach a girl, take her on an instant date, and then back to their place within a few hours.

To learn more on this topic and see one of my awesome students approaching and taking a hot Ukrainian dancer on a date in a matter of minutes, watch the video below:

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