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What is the difference between the Mini Residential, the Residential and the EuroTour?

The biggest differences between our workshops are the length of time, the logistics and the coaching. As we endeavour to facilitate a foundational transformation for our clients, the minimum amount of time spent coaching is 4 days on the Mini Residential. However, opting for the 7 Day Residential or the 10 Day EuroTour gives you the opportunity to spend more time with the coaches, expanding your understanding of the course content, as well as allowing more time to meet more women and learn from your experiences. Simply put, the longer the workshop, the grander your transformation will be. Logistically speaking, both Residential workshops take place in the same city for their entire duration. The EuroTour however travels between three different cities. More information on this can be found later in the FAQ.nThe final difference between the workshops is the coaching staff. James Marshall, the Head Coach, only coaches on the 7 Day Residential and EuroTour. Our 4 Day Mini Residential workshops are run by Liam McRae. The other coaches on the workshop will vary from location and time of year, so be sure to check out the home page for more information on which coaches are attending your preferred workshop. Aside from those three major differences, you can expect to learn the same syllabus across all of our workshops, along with having the same set of coaching hours and workshop format. Please note that due to the limited amount of time we have with clients on 4 Day Mini Residentials there is no night game coaching. All coaching on Mini Residentials takes place during the day on the streets.

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