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What can I expect to get out of a workshop? Can you show me a daily schedule of what will take place?

Workshops with The Natural Lifestyles place a heavy emphasis on experience. We prefer to not spend 7 hours in a seminar room showing you powerpoint slides on how to approach girls because it’s frankly a waste of time. If you’re like most clients attending our workshop you’ve spent enough time studying materials online and now need to take action. Aside from short sessions where the coaches are demonstrating approach mechanics or explaining a key concept, you’ll be interacting with women, either in-field, approaching women on the street and in night venues, or during our Role-Playing classes. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter experience where you’ll attend “Seminar A: How to approach” at 9:45am on Day 1 followed by “Seminar B: Getting over approach anxiety” shortly afterwards, you’re going to be disappointed. There is no set schedule of each day as our workshops are structured based on the group and individual client needs, assessed through the application process and Orientation. A rough schedule for the day may look like meditation at 11am in the morning, a brief discussion/demonstration from the coaches, in-field day-game coaching for 1-3 hours, roleplaying classes/style coaching, then back to in-field to finish off the day (or out at night for night game depending on the day). You’re looking at 8-9 hours of coaching each day.

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