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I’ve noticed companies do a ‘bait and switch’, advertising a workshop with a superstar coach only to pass clients off to an intern. How do I know I’ll be coached by TNL executive coaches?

During a workshop with The Natural Lifestyles there is always a coach who takes the lead in running the workshop. For our 7 Day Residentials and the EuroTour, James Marshall will be leading the workshop (excluding thenAugust Budapest Residential which is run by Liam McRae). This means that he will be present from the moment the workshop begins in Orientation to the final evening of the workshop, taking you for morning meditation, leading infield sessions, and guiding you through role-playing classes. Please be aware that whilst James Marshall and Liam McRae are always confirmed for 7 Day workshops and the EuroTour, our other coaching staff may change. It is also worth noting that James Marshall does not coach on our 4 Day Mini Residentials. These workshops are lead by Liam McRae, and as such he will be running the workshop from the beginning Orientation to the final evening of coaching. As of 2017 Tony Solo is no longer a coach with The Natural Lifestyles.

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