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How does infield work? Will I be coached by James Marshall?

Every TNL workshop abides by a strict coach:student ratio of 1:2. This ensure we’re able to give each client the personal attention necessary for them to undergo a real transformation. For infield sessions you will split off into a group of 3, comprised of yourself, 1 coach, and another student on the workshop. During infield you will be fitted out with a concealed one-way microphone so that your coach can hear your interactions and give you pinpoint feedback on how to improve. The microphone will be shared between yourself and the other client in your group, being swapped half-way through the session. After the infield session you will regroup with all of the students and coaches, then split off with a different coach and student. As an example, during the first hour you may be with James, and upon regrouping you will then split off with Liam McRae. We endeavour to rotate the coaches around to ensure everyone gets time with each coach, however we pay special attention to each clients progress and aim to match them with the coach we feel will be able to help them most at that particular time. It’s also worth noting that during the later stages of the workshop clients are typically out on dates with girls, presenting the opportunity for 1 on 1 time with a coach, however this is by no means guaranteed to happen on your workshop.

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