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I can see how this would work in cities like Budapest or Barcelona where there are plenty of hot girls to approach. But how can I be sure it will work in my city?

We intentionally choose cities for our workshops that have a high volume of attractive women because of the nature of a coaching experience. There is no ‘magic wand’ wand solution to teach that will mean any man can seduce any women, and so naturally there will be many women you meet on a workshop who are not interested. Therefore it’s in your best interests for us to expose you to as many new experiences with women as possible over the course of the workshop, which is made much easier in the cities we coach in. That being said, women are women. With the exception of certain pockets of the world where the social or religious context may make cold approaching more difficult than usual (such as the Middle East), there is no reason to suspect that what we teach will not work in your city. It’s important to ask yourself if this is just an excuse you’re creating to stop you from having to take a risk by approaching a woman. In the event that you are living in a small town or a city with a low-population, we recommend you set a long term goal to relocate to a larger city as part of a focus on improving your lifestyle as a whole.

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