The Disney romance myth – A roadmap to becoming a real man

Disney Fantasy

Disney has ruined romance for our generation, and how to become a real man.

Disney movies have given men the message that they need to be a tall, muscular, and heroic figure to impress one girl.

This has led women to fantasize about some perfect Prince charming who is destined for them.


Social Dominance Pyramid

In my video, I introduce my pyramid, which tracks the evolution of social dominance and shares my insights on how to climb it. The higher you get on the pyramid, the easier it is to attract high-quality women.


Lion King – Climbing the Pyramid

I map Simba’s journey to becoming the king of Pride Rock in the movie, The Lion King, to your journey of climbing the social dominance pyramid.

I take you through each level of the pyramid, from Level 1 boy (born) to Level 7 wizard (giving wisdom down to your sons). I also share real-life examples of how to achieve each level and earn the right to be king.

How can we learn from Simba’s journey?

Become A Soldier

Let’s avoid the pitfalls that have led our generation of men to waste their lives on porn and video games. Instead, I show you how to create a social circle full of models, build inner power, and inspire others to follow you.

My video will help you become a real man and improve your chances of finding the women you really want. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to level up and become the king of your life.

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