The best 2022 dating app (no, it’s not Tinder..)

After four very intense years in the dating industry, coaching hundreds of guys live every other week, I can confidently reveal to you something most guys don’t want to admit..

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The average man in 2022 is severely limited in the way he meets hot women.

It’s just a fact.

To put it in investment terms, most guys often keep all their eggs in one basket instead of strategically diversifying their profit streams.

The problem is that to thrive in something so unpredictable and irrational as dating, you must have a variety of options.

It’s very unlikely you’ll get into bed with every single hot girl that comes into your life. If you don’t have plan B ready when a woman you just approached rejects you or flakes on you before the date, you’re set for a lot of unwanted celibacy and waiting around.

To deal with this, many guys try their luck in the biggest meat market available in recent years: dating apps.

The lure of apps like Tinder or Bumble is hard to resist.

Hundreds of sexy and single partners who are just a swipe away from you.

It’s a strong illusion of abundance that keeps men glued to their screens hoping to finally get a match.


But that’s all it is: an illusion.

Swiping right on dozens of girls per day does not guarantee you the level of dating success that approaching just a handful of women in real life does. In most cases, you won’t get anything out of it.

Truth is that the Tinder algorithm is rigged, and unless you are part of the 1% of model-looking people on this planet, it’s a very precarious and ineffective way to build an epic dating life.

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A much better, field-tested, and overall my personal favourite to get dates online is just using Instagram.

This is not an online cold-approach funnel of any kind. I strongly recommend against DMing random hot girls hoping to strike a conversation.

What IG is truly effective for is keeping in touch and solidifying connection and attraction leading to a date.

Many hot girls you talk to in person might be hesitant to give their number away to a stranger, but that’s no case with social media like Instagram. For most women, it’s no big deal.

And once you have several beautiful women who follow you and engage with your content, guess what you also have?


That’s right! Dating options.

If you want to learn more about using Instagram to get dates in 2022, watch my latest video below:

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