7 ways to tie women up (& stop being boring in bed)

Nothing ruins relationships and fuels infidelity more than lies and….bad sex.

Women are especially sensual creatures..

If you’re not able to continually give pleasure to your partner in new ways by experimenting in the bedroom, chances are she’ll get bored of you rather quickly. And, it’s very likely you too are missing out on unknown pleasure that only the most skilled lovers experience.

The good news is that introducing variety during sex and keeping a girl satisfied is not that difficut. Thankfully, because most men don’t try to improve or don’t care about their partner’s pleasure, the bar is so low that ANY effort made to communicate and improve in the bedroom, sets you apart.

The main problem? Most guys’ egos and pride get in the way of improving sexually. Either they’re hiding insecurities or falling into delusional arrogance.

Johnny Soporno once said “If you have a special sex move that always, always gets the ladies off… They’ve all been faking it.” Meaning, that what works for one woman, may need to be adapted or completely changed for the next. And if you always fuck the same way, you’re no doubt missing the cues about what each woman wants differently.

For these men, admitting their ignorance about sex feels like a direct threat to their manliness.

As a result, they always end up fuc*ing in the same four positions, and when they try to spice things up, they’re often clumsy and rarely achieve their goal.

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Take something like restraints and tying up girls to introduce exciting dynamics of dominance and submission.

Many men buy furry handcuffs to use awkwardly, not really knowing what to do next, or tie women’s wrists too tight causing unnecessary bruises and pain to the girl (and zero pleasure).

On the other side, true Bondage masters consistently give their women mind-blowing orgasms by stimulating erogenous zones simultaneously, using psychological dominance and reward patterns and making the whole experience an immersive sensual journey.


Know what makes the difference? Expertise. Humbleness.

The most experienced and memorable lovers out there are constantly open to trying new methods and seeking external advice.

I myself have worked for years with world-class mentors to take my BDSM and sexuality skillset to world class levels. I’m happy to admit my ignorance and the more I learn, the more I seek guidance. and girls love the results 😉

If you too are looking for inspiration and proven methods to satisfy women in bed, watch my latest video.

In it, I demonstrate with my female assistant my seven favorite, very simple ways to tie women and use Bondage techniques to drive them wild. Link below:



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