Alex León

Executive Coach

Alex León

Alex León

Many of our students know the burden of being an analytical thinker, someone so entrenched in their thoughts and imaginings that they’re out of touch with the world around them.

Alex brings a unique perspective to the coaching team having had humble beginnings as an introverted German/Austrian heavily invested in electronics and programming, only to break free and embrace a new way of connecting with women and the world.

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Alex León

Alex' Videos

17 Years of No Approaches - Student's Breakthrough From Fear to Social Freedom

Cheated On After 17 Years - Students Powerful Confession

When he first came across James and the team, Alex was determined to do whatever it took to be a part of the transformations they were creating for men around the world. As you may know it’s not easy to get the attention of a successful entrepreneur like James, but through determination and grit Alex managed establish a foothold as the camera guy and video editor.

It was then that he became exposed to the wild and fantastic lives that dating coaches lead, and his thirst for knowledge spurred him on to rise through the ranks. Having spent 4 years surrounded by the Naturals, filming them in-field, playing witness to the ups and downs of both coaches and students, he soon expanded his role to include website design, infrastructure, marketing, and finally, coaching.

Now as an official coach of The Natural Lifestyles, Alex is eager to share his expertise with you, having overcome years and years of bad habits, negative mindsets and old beliefs about what he could and could not achieve in his dating life. No longer held back by his fixation on technical knowledge and data, Alex combines sleek street approaching with a knack for online and social media game, whilst taking advantage of his photography skills to insert himself into the world of high class fashion models.

Coaching by Alex León

If you describe yourself as introverted or analytical, you’ll find a friend in Alex. Having spent years letting go of his perfectionist tendencies, Alex will not only be able to relate to the frustrations you feel, but also help you cut through the desire to have knowledge before taking action. With the bluntness characteristic of most German/Austrians, he’ll be calling you out on your bad habits whilst inspiring you to change as an example of what can be accomplished through a little hard work and dedication.

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Combining dozens of years of experience in Natural Seduction & Lifestyle Design, The team at "The Natural Lifestyles" specializes in taking men from a dating life of scarcity and little abundance of women, to giving them the freedom and choice that they desire in their relationships.

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