Sex Tips: James Epic Seduction Fail

Students often ask us how do we get past a girls resistance or what they can do to get laid, but the reality is it’s often them who is fucking it up! They want sex tips, when the simplest sex tip is just to make a move.

Women will give men all kinds of subtle but clear seduction signals that they are interested and would like the man to take things further, but men will often ignore these or miss them completely. This can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. The guy is too scared of rejection to make a move. He is terrified about what will happen if he tries and fails so he waits and waits for the ‘perfect moment’ which will never arrive
  2. He is clueless about the signals that the woman is sending and actually has no idea that she wants sex. This often comes from naïve or misinformed ideas about female sexuality. Social lies we are told like “girls don’t really like sex, they just trade it for relationships, money, jewelry, shoes”.
  3. Guys with these mindsets will often assume that a woman wont want to have sex with him ‘too early’ and therefore he will put off making a move on her until date 3 or 4, by which point she is confused by his lack of sexuality and turned off by his shyness
  4. He is scared that it will actually go ahead and he won’t know what to do or get stage fright. He might not be able to perform, might go soft from the pressure, or ejaculate too quickly.

The good news is, we’ve all made those seduction mistakes.


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The number one thing that you can do to avoid this scenario in future is to develop yourself into the kind of guy that just goes for it. The guy that pulls the trigger and tries to sexually escalate, and is comfortable being rejected. If you make this a habit, it becomes easier and easier every time, and women will actually respect you more for it.

Women respect a guy who has the balls to make a move, and the respect to stop when she sets a clear boundary. It’s a winning combination because it shows a strong masculine quality and ability to own your sexual intent without shame or shyness, but also a sensitivity and care for how you’re making her feel and the experience you’re giving her.

Don’t try to become a PUA, try to become someone who takes sexual risks while respecting women in the process. This is the best sex tip of all, because you have 100% control on how many times you pull the trigger in the next month! Make it a habit and you’ll get rejected more, but also get laid more, and never have to deal with the feeling of regret. You’ll know that you at least gave the seduction your best shot. And if you want to get our course to explore the world of ultimate sex mastery in-depth click HERE.

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