Picking up stunners while being broke & scrawny (can you do it?)

Do you know what women prefer to good looks and tons of money in guys?


Not denying that being rich, high-status, or very attractive can improve your chances with girls…

But ultimately, what I’ve noticed after being surrounded by hundreds of elite women for the past decade as a world-famous dating coach, is that most of them tend to like different types of guys at once.

They might be dating a much older, very wealthy, and stable CEO-type of dude one moment and then fall for a broke young artist the next.

Or they could be drooling and craving a young, adonis-bodied stud one day, only to feel incredible attraction towards a scrawny hipster boy a week after.

Confusing, innit?

If there is one lesson you can take away from all this is that no matter where you are and who you are now, you must proudly own your current situation.

Young and broke? Skinny and baby-looking?

While working on improving your seductive metrics should be the long-term goal, your #1 priority right now is to accept and have epic fun with your current self.

Watch my latest video to learn more on this topic. Link below:

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