How To Stop Self-Sabotaging (Permanently)

There is no such thing as objective reality.

Our self-representation and beliefs coupled with lived past experiences define who we are and how we interact with the world.

As a result, most people constantly make false, negative assumptions about themselves and future outcomes based on how they believe things work.

Assumptions like…

“If I approach her, she’s definitely going to reject me right away”.

“I’m not interesting enough for these people”.

“If I don’t agree with them, they’re not going to like me”.

These internal statements are often repeated enough to the point that they become ingrained in our character and DNA affecting everything we do.

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Good news is that by replacing those negative beliefs with positive, functional ones, you’ll be effortlessly successful in any scenario.

After coaching men live week in, week out for the past fifteen years, I realised that those who can successfully “upgrade” their subjective models of reality are the ones who can smoothly transition through 3 distinct character phases:

Suffering, Awareness and Self-Liberation.

To learn how they all work, as well as how to start your unique self-transformation journey, check my latest video.

Link below:

P.S. Want to transition from a life of suffering and insecurity into one of strength, adventure, and total abundance?

Deep character work is only a part of a much larger toolbox that I consistently use with my elite students to upgrade their self-worth and seductive results to world-class levels.

In fact, if there’s one thing that all my years as a dating & lifestyle coach have taught me is that often poor dating skills are NOT the problem.

They sure are extremely important but only if you’ve already developed something else before:

A powerful sense of masculinity.

Get that first, and everything else––including meeting women or building an epic social circle––will be downhill.

Coming up in august, I’ll be personally leading the Natural Warrior Training at my property in Portugal. 8 days of movement, meditation, masculine core work, tribal and psychedelic initiations.

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