How to get any girl n*ked in 33 seconds

It’s the simple stuff, that tells her whether you really know what you’re doing, or if you’re faking it.

Women are pros at reading nonverbal, subliminal cues.

The way you hug her, how you walk next to her in the street, your eye contact, how you initiate the kiss…

These all paint a clear picture in her head of what kind of man and potential lover you are.

From the first kiss, to how seamlessly you lead her to the bedroom, your physical flow either attracts or repels her.

The moments leading up to sex are crucial and your skill in undressing her is vital.

naked making love GIF

Guys who take minutes to remove a bra and clumsily get stuck when trying to take off her pants sure may make for a good laugh but this kills the tension.

Getting her naked should be a sensual experience that excites her and helps you transition into sleeping with her smoothly.

It has to be fast but not rushed.

How fast? For me about 33 seconds and that’s me doing it deliberately slow;)

Want to see proof? Check my latest video below, where I explicitly demonstrate with a sexy female assistant how to get any woman naked and ready in record time (I can’t believe we’re allowed to show this on YT 🙂



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