How to be the best she ever had

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I have always valued practicality above all else.

There is a lot of speculation out there on what works best to bring more women into your life and get them attracted to you. The vast majority of theories focus on indirect steps…

You gotta look well, earn well, and have amazing friends.

Things that do help but only in conjunction with the most effective action: you must talk to her first.

So, the first thing that separates needy, thirsty guys from real pros who get the most beautiful women on dates is the ability to effortlessly approach them.

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This skill is not innate but learned through repetition and failure until it becomes instinctual. You’ll probably suck at first, but if you stick with it, you’ll unlock epic seductive results most guys simply will never get.

The second most important thing to become the guy in a number of elite women’s lives is knowing how to rock their world in the bedroom.

And just like approaching, this is not something guys ‘just know’ by default.

There are many realms of pleasure to be explored beyond the usual three positions, and those who are willing to venture into them and practice will become a rare prize every girl will want to get a hold of.

To learn more on this and discover what women think of you in bed, watch my latest video below:


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