From ‘hi’ to ‘f*ck me’ in 24 hours

You must stop wasting your time on this…

There’s no point in waiting for three or more dates out with a woman before making a move.

It’s just a fairytale.

Girls do not have any set rules about how soon they’ll sleep with a guy.

Nor do they enjoy texting for weeks before finally meeting you in person.

Sorry to break it to you, but if she keeps making excuses to postpone the date or avoids physical contact, something has gone very wrong.

Truth is that when the connection is powerful and sexual tension is there, women will often want to see you again and get naughty as soon as possible

–sometimes even within hours of meeting each other.

What tends to happen, however, is that some girls will purposefully make you wait, even though they deeply desire you, because they don’t want to appear ‘easy’ or feel judged.

As I like to remind my students, generating attraction is only one part of solving the dating puzzle…

Making her feel comfortable and safe around you is what often unlocks results.

To see a practical example of how quickly one can go from meeting a sexy stranger on the street to seeing her again on a date, check my latest infield video below:


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