Dating has changed – game over?

Dating is not what it used to be…

Since I was young and trying to get laid, the dating landscape has changed drastically.

With Tinder, Instagram, and Onlyfans surging, young men are vanishing into their rooms to blink at screens all night, instead of meeting girls at the skate park with a cask of cheap wine, as we did in my day.

Nowadays, it’s all about satisfying the algorithm’s cravings: picking the right pictures, swiping all day, and crafting the perfect first message in the hopes that she replies with a dry-ass ‘Hi’.

Or is it?

We can’t ignore the impact that online dating has made on modern society, yet…

The truth is some things have never changed. Women still respect a man who approaches her with charm and directness.

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Cold approach is still the great equalizer that allows guys without high status or carefully constructed social funnels to sweep beauties off the street.

The good news is, you have way less competition as the years go by. If you become one of the tiny fraction of men who learn how to approach women competently, your options become limitless.

Or.. you can go back to swiping.

If you’re interested in watching me and Gareth Jones discussing recent trends in seduction and our favorite methods to get dates in this digitally-confusing era, watch the video below:


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