Are You Really Happy?

What is it that people are seeking that they believe will finally make them happy?

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As Dating coaches we often meet men who are convinced that their lack of success with women, whether it be not getting enough dates or enough sex, is the biggest problem in their lives at the moment.

It’s only once we begin to dig a little deeper that we find they’re incredibly unhappy. And it’s not only with their dating life, but it’s their job, where they’re living, their family situation, their lack of a fulfilling social circle, and how they spend their time.

And that’s only the guys we’re coaching. It’s safe to assume that most people in the world today aren’t really satisfied with their lives and are spending most of their time miserable, wishing things were better.

So what is causing so much unhappiness in the world? Why aren’t people satisfied with what they have? What is it that they’re seeking that they believe will finally make them happy?

A Perfect Plan Gone Wrong

The truth is that most people are following a formula laid out for them from a very young age, which they believe will lead them to happiness.

You may have heard of this idea before. You’re told that you should go to school, get good grades, get into a university, earn a degree, get a good paying job, buy a house, marry that girl, have some kids, and so on. If you stick to the plan of what everyone else is doing, then you’re one day, eventually, HOPEFULLY going to end up happy.

And sure, that might work for some.

But the problem is that everyone is different. What has been the key to happiness for some people will just as likely make others completely miserable. And worst of all, there’s a cost associated with following a path thinking you’ll eventually be happy, only to one day wake up and realize that you’re miserable.

Here’s the real question though; if some people have even the slightest suspicion that doing all of that won’t make them happy, why do they still do it anyway?


Feel Like You Belong In This World Again


Positive Thinking Is Overrated - Manage Your Mind To Take Action!

The Devil You Know

Ultimately people stick to this plan out of fear.

Fear of not knowing what will happen if they walk the path less traveled. Fear of what others will think and say when they learn that their son, brother, husband or father wants to do something out of the ordinary. Fear of failing and having to be wrong.

This is the prison that most people find themselves in. Yet none of them are connected to the worst fear of all;

Fear of Regret.

Imagine going through life doing what everyone else wanted you to do, meeting everyone else’s expectations, only to find yourself miserable, having never done the things you really wanted to do?

Approaching is a great example of this. Most guys struggle to even start approaching, just getting the basic steps down, which is why I’ve put together the Dating Accelerator to help guys get through what I call ‘beginner’s hell’; that initial period where you have no idea what you’re doing or how to improve. Over the course of 3 weeks I’ll be teaching you the nuts and bolts essentials you need to have in order to start approaching.

Because what’s the alternative? The problem with that golden plan everyone seems to follow is that you’re actually leaving things up to chance. Nobody explains how you’re supposed to meet this woman who you’re going to marry and start a family with; they just assume it’s written in the stars.

So are you going to leave things up to fate, or take things into your own hands?

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