4 conversation mistakes that turn women off

Do you often get stuck in boring conversations with women that lead nowhere?

Or worse, where she’s actually almost silent, looks confused, and you have to do all the talking?

Sorry to break it to you but if that’s something you constantly experience in your approaches, chances are YOU are the one causing the problem.

See, it’s totally normal that some girls are shy and need time to open up and engage back…

But that should happen within the first five minutes of talking.

Once she realizes you’re a chill, charming guy and feels comfortable in your presence, commonly, woman will naturally invest and contribute to keeping the conversation going.

And that’s when most guys out there predictably mess up.

Overly excited that a hot girl is talking to them and impatient to score, they start doing too much instead of focusing on the one thing that is proven to yield the best results:

Give her space, slow down, ask good questions and shut up and let her talk.

Shoot Your Shot Flirt GIF by MK xyzMost inexperienced guys, pepper her with irrelevant questions, cut her off, stumble over their words and as a consequence, she quickly loses interest and turns into the speechless, stone-faced female creature every seducer knows.

If you’re looking to prevent that from happening again and start having better, sexier, and more intriguing conversations with women that actually lead to dates, make sure to watch my latest video below.

In it, I break down the four most common conversation mistakes guys make that turn women off.

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